Hawaii Animal Sanctuary
221 Iliaina St.
Kailua, Hawaii 96734
"Everybody has a chance of a lifetime at H.A.S."

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H.A.S. Volunteers

H.A.S.'s  Wish List

Automobile Donations
Please contact the company below when you have a vehicle you would like to donate to benefit Hawaii Animal Sanctuary

Kokua in Kind

1006 Mikole St.
Honolulu, HI 96819
phone: (808) 834-6603
fax:     (808) 834-6602

email: kokuainkind@gmail.com

Garage Sale Donations
Household goods, especially jewelry, designer accessories, knickknacks and kitchen goods.  Please contact us at gina@hawaiianimalsanctuary.org for directions for delivering these donations


Cat food- Wet and Dry
Dog food -Wet and Dry
Hookbill Cuisine for Large Bird
Fish Food

Cat Supplies
Pine pellets
Clay litter
Cleaning supplies - bleach, dish soap, laundry soap & 45 gal. garbage bags

Veterinary Supplies

Hydrogen Peroxide
Various medical supplies

Grant Writing
Animal grooming

Plant Nursery Supplies - Pots, fertilizer, potting soil, plants- most sizes and types
Pickup Truck in good condition
Chevy Astro/Small van
Lawnmower tractor
Skid Loader
Small trailer for hauling trash and supplies
Working Golf cart
IPads and Iphones
Digital camera
Gas cards for fuel to transport animals
                    Mahalo Nui Loa!

What?  Do I look like I have a home or name yet?
Where's my volunteer?!!

   Volunteers play a critical role in carrying out our mission. They fill a need that would otherwise have to be performed by paid staff. Whether cleaning dishes, washing laundry, taking out the garbage, or answering the phones, volunteers help H.A.S. spend its money where it matters – on the animals. 
   'Care to Save' volunteers also make a substantial impact on the lives of the animals with whom they interact. Comet, for example, whose age and medical condition diminish her chances of finding an outside home, seems quite content at the sanctuary with so many volunteers to indulge her passion for drinking from a dripping hose. Others, whose timid personalities prevent them from getting adopted, blossom under the patient and persistent socializing efforts of our volunteers and become ideal adoption candidates. 
   Volunteer responsibilities can include: Cleaning, feeding, socializing and fund raising.  You may be asked to make a regular commitment to volunteering (once a week or twice a month, for example).
Contact: gina@hawaiianimalsanctuary.org
Thanks for your interest!

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